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As training developers, Total Human Education Group offers the solution to unite your brand with our expertise to create effective and engaging educational programs tailored to your business.

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Telehealth Learning Academy

If you are creating or expanding a telemedicine program, TRAINING is the key for highly engaged healthcare providers and patients. Click below to learn about implementing a scalable and sustainable telemedicine training program that produces highly engaged healthcare providers and patients.

Content Hosting Services

Don't have a LMS?
Don't know what a LMS is?
No problem!

T.H.E. Group offers cloud-based hosting services for online modules featuring learning analytics and reporting.

Hosting Features

Scheduled analytics and reporting
Individual user access
Customized certificate
24/7 access
Administrator functionality

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Customized Education

Let us help your business develop and distribute new learning and reinforce existing content through knowledge transfer from your best, brightest and most-experienced employees or external resources.

Types of Training

Sales Training
Software Training
Brand Training
New Hire Training
Knowledge Transfer Training
Safety Training
Management Training
Product Training

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Education Delivery Types

Instructor-Led Training
Web-Based Training
Off-the-Shelf Training
Subscription-Based Training
Video Production
Blended Training

Tailored for Your Business

Let us build training from content that fits your business demands.

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Chief Education Officer

Prior to starting T.H.E. Group, Rachel Boekhout worked with TEAM Marketing Group, Inc. for 4 years as a Lead Instructional Designer. Rachel attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and received her degree in Secondary English Education. After college, she was a professional educator at the secondary level for 3 years. In her free time she enjoys playing in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

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Did You Know…

  • It is predicted that in the following two years the percentage of companies using Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) will rise to 28%*
  • The online corporate market is expected to grow by 13% per year up to 2017*
  • Today, 77% of USA companies offer online coporate training to improve the professional development of their employees*
  • By 2020, 65% of learning will be characterized by eLearning**

MOOCs in Corporate Training
Growth for Online Corporate Training
current online training usage
eLearning in 2020

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